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4 Essential Characteristics of a Successful Online Teacher

Online Teacher

You may be wondering if you are cut out to be a successful teacher through online courses. Even if you are already an experienced educator, the potential for freedom and exposure online courses give may seem out of reach. While we all could use a pep talk when it comes to what good things we deserve to have in our lives, there are a few specific traits that successful web course creators share. Take a look below and see if you fit the profile.

1. Expertise – You have something of value to teach.

You have training or real-world experience, and a unique voice or approach to your subject matter. This doesn’t mean you have to have a PhD or guru status: you only have to be a step or two ahead of your students. When I was in grade school, my high school aged brother tutored me through my arithmetic lessons even though he had yet to complete advanced algebra or calculus. He was the perfect teacher for me. You only have to know more about something than someone else does. If you only know a little bit, you will need to focus your course, making it more specific rather than extremely broad. This is fine because courses with a somewhat narrow focus are usually more successful anyway.

2. Commitment – You don’t mind putting in some work.

You are willing to roll up your sleeves and put in some wok to build a course that gives students a great learning experience and ensures their success in mastering the subject matter. You know that people enroll in an online course to achieve a particular result, and you are willing to hone your material so that it keeps students engaged and progressing toward that outcome. You model this persistence for your students through the presentation of a masterful online course. You don’t let obstacles of time, other projects, or technical challenges hold you back from your goal of teaching success. You will do what it takes to create the best learning environment you can.

3. Helpfulness – You want to be of service.

Being an online course creator and teacher works best if it is a gift of service and not just an avenue to make easy money. It does take some work to get your course up and running, and it is the dedication to your vision of helping others solve a problem or achieve an outcome that will see you through. Of course, we all want to make money! But income is directly related to impact, and that is what motivates us to share. If you are only in it for the money, your course may lack authenticity

4. Independence – You are looking for more freedom in your life

Freedom can be in terms of finances, how your structure your day, the ability to travel, or what aspects of your livelihood you do yourself versus outsourcing to others. Even thought you are clearly not in your line of expertise for the money, you would love not to have to worry about chasing clients, paying your bills, or preparing for emergencies or long-terms goals like retirement. You want a business that will allow you to scale your service, reach more people, and which will allow you to design your life in a way that you can spend your time on the things you enjoy.