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Archive for November 2018

How to Monetize Your Online Course

e-course monetization

This is a very important post. While we all love to teach so much we’d probably do it for free, there are bills to be paid and ov course money to be set aside for our own education and training. So, unless you are teaching strictly a s a hobby, let’s talk up front about…

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Video Hosting for Online Courses

Video Hosting Sites

Most online courses these days include video. It’s the preferred way to learn for most people, and usually form the core of your course content. Whether you are creating screencasts, live videos of yourself or an automated slideshow you will need a place to host your videos. One thing about videos though, video files are huge,…

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WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) Plugins


What is an LMS? Learning Management System is a fancy name for online course software. WordPress LMS plugins are specialized software add-ons to your WordPress website that create classes (course content), enroll students, set up tests, handle subscriptions, quizzes, accepting payments, etc. In general, the tools allow you to create classes, share coursework, enroll students, and…

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