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Creating and Teaching Online Courses

Online courses are all over the internet right now, and there are several good reasons for that. We are in the midst of an educational revolution the likes of have never been seen before. People anywhere can teach and learn on a huge range of subjects without traveling to a University or Conference to do it.

One of the fastest and most impactful ways to get your knowledge out to a global marketplace, so that you can make a bigger impact and potentially greater income, is to take the knowledge flying around in your brain and turn it into a lead-generating, income-producing, life-changing online course.

Tools for online courses

No matter what your area of expertise, you have probably put together a collection of knowledge and tips based on your education, training and experience. You may even already have presented a variety of in-person courses, seminars, workshops or speeches. Now it’s time to put your knowledge out on the web! You can help people by solving a problem, teaching them something they don't know or coach them to achieve their goals, all through the power of an online course.

Questions About Teaching Online

What if you aren’t a tech-savvy person or feel overwhelmed with the task of putting it all together? How do you adapt your course outlines, lectures, and homework assignments to a web-based educational environment?

How do you organize your material? Do you include the option of live presentation through the various webinar platforms, or keep it to an “evergreen” format, where students can access prerecorded material and begin their studies with you at any time?

How do you market and sell access to your courses, and how do you protect content that is meant to be accessible only to paid students? Do you need a separate website for your business, or is it possible to combine web hosting with a course hosting platform?

There are so many platforms being promoted these days, such as, for example, Rozuku, Teachable,  Kajabi, Thinkific, or even creating your own membership site to host your courses, it can be hard to know what option would be best for you.

Hi! I'm Joy...

I know how overwhelming it can seem, because I took on the task of organizing and producing online courses for a non-profit spiritual center and teacher where I was attending in–person classes. Starting as a volunteer with only a little bit of marketing experience and a previous career as a University Professor, I faced the brave new world of teaching on the web practically as a Newbie. But I learned fast, and am ready to share it all with you!

Web course creator Joy Nanda
Sources of free images

Where to Find Images for Your Website or Lesson

Visual content makes all the difference in a site’s appearance. It’s like the cherry on the cake. Images, videos, infographics and other media-related material are amongst the most important elements your site should include. The best way to ‘decorate’ and customize the way your online academy looks, is through stock…

Online Course Podcast

Launching a Podcast

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e-course monetization

How to Monetize Your Online Course

This is a very important post. While we all love to teach so much we’d probably do it for free, there are bills to be paid and ov course money to be set aside for our own education and training. So, unless you are teaching strictly a s a hobby,…

Video Hosting Sites

Video Hosting for Online Courses

Most online courses these days include video. It’s the preferred way to learn for most people, and usually form the core of your course content. Whether you are creating screencasts, live videos of yourself or an automated slideshow you will need a place to host your videos. One thing about videos…


WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) Plugins

What is an LMS? Learning Management System is a fancy name for online course software. WordPress LMS plugins are specialized software add-ons to your WordPress website that create classes (course content), enroll students, set up tests, handle subscriptions, quizzes, accepting payments, etc. In general, the tools allow you to create classes,…

Online Teacher

4 Essential Characteristics of a Successful Online Teacher

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Web Course Brainstorming

Why People Take Online Courses

There is so much free information available on the internet, you might wonder why are people buying online courses, rather than just doing their own research. There are three primary factors motivating people to enroll in an online course: A course brings information from diverse together into an easy-to-follow format…

iPhone Videography

3 Essentials for Making Watchable iPhone Videos

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Online Course Social Media Marketing

Marketing: Ensuring Success

The surest way to a successful online course has two very basic steps: Teach something people want to learn. Tell them about it. The first step is course creation; the second step is called marketing. Although there are many tools and processes to use along the way, the ultimate success…

Evergreen Online Course

Pros and Cons of Evergreen vs. Launching a Course

What’s an Evergreen Course? Just like the name says, evergreen courses are open for enrollment all the time, with students beginning the course any time they want. We could contrast that model with a “deciduous” course, that you launch once (until the time), close once it’s launched,  and everyone starts…

Online Course Video

2 Ways to Make Videos for Your Course

There are two primary ways to create informational videos – Screen capture and live action. Screen capture – you record your computer screen while you run a slide show on Power Point, Key Note, or some other screen sharing system. You add your voice later as a “voice-over” to explain…

Web Course Platforms

Online Course Platforms

You have chosen your first online course topic, gathered your materials, and are ready to bring them online. In support of your course you will need to decide on a platform. Simply put, your platform is the structural support system for your course materials. There are so many ways to…